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Pilar Ruiz Rodriguez-Rubio is a Gastronomic blogger and videoblogger ( with her mother Cristina Rodriguez-Rubio Vázquez. She is also an author of the two books “Rota un gusto conocerte” and "Rota un gusto cocinarte" and soon the third and then an English edition The first book's first edition sold out in 5 days.

The books contain 60 recipes from 60 families from Rota. Each recipe is saved from local families and is associated with an event or part of an family experience and for this reason they have a special anchoring and history connecting to Rota.. All surplus from the books goes to non-profit organizations in Rota. The first book for the Association of Families of Alzheimers Patients 'El Arenal de Rota'” and the second book for the Association “Saber que se Puede” they helping families in need

They also send recipies in English every month to the “Rota Coastline” – a newspaper for the American local community.

Pilar Ruiz Rodriguez-Rubio and her mother are also well known from
* Jury of the Villaluenga International Cheese Contest
* Jury of the Contest on the occasion of the Conil Tuna Route in various editions
* Participation in the written press (MIA magazine) and in several cooking programs on Canal Sur and in the Gastronomic Trips program of British Chef Rick Stein on the BBC
* Organization of the 1st and the 2nd Meeting of Cook Bloggers from the province of Cádiz with the gastronomic press at the Barcelo Montecastillo in Jerez
* Pilar Ruiz Rodriguez-Rubio has also received the prestigious "Urta de Oro" award for her efforts for Rota

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