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We have received a request from a school outside Istanbul in Turkey. They are looking for a partner for an Erasmus application. They collaborate with a nearby school and have support from the region's Directorate of National Education.

If you are interested – please send us an e-mail -

“Our school is located around one hour from Istanbul. We've 1039 students aged between 10 to 14. There're 28 classrooms including 5,6,7 and 8 grades. Besides, we've 60 students in four kindergarten classes aged between 48-68 months. Our school is one of the most successful schools in our city. The school has two floors and a big green garden with approximately 300 trees. There are different activity areas where students can enjoy both individual and team activities. Our school is success oriented and has formative tests every month to measure the students’ level. This makes it hard to handle students’ problematic behaviours in a solution oriented way. Students’ negative behaviour patterns they gained from both families and social media especially in lockdown due to pandemic increases day by day. We aim to create an awareness of bullying behaviours in our students and raise respect and love approach culture by supporting their social and emotional developments. We intend to study on this point of view , observe studies of different cultures on this topic and show our students and school that this is matter that should be fought against world wide.”

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