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Tommy Isaksson
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...from a student who has practiced in an EU-project in Rota. We are obviously very proud and happy.

"Once again thank you for an unforgettable month in Spain. I can´t find words for how grateful I am for getting that possibility. I had a very kind reception during the whole month. This might have been the most worthwhile weeks in my life, I really have no complaints and it was a glorious success.

When I found out that I as was one of the eight students chosen for one month’s practical placement at a hotel in the southern of Spain I was in heaven. Until then it just had been an idle dream. When I came to Rota my dream was fulfilled, the little town was heaven on earth. I loved the town and all the people I met were wonderful and very friendly.

Thank you Tommy and Lotta for all helping us getting through as many attractions and discover the regions culture and landscape. The whole month was very well planned, structured and well-considered. I am incredible grateful for all responsibility you took for our comfort during that month.

I´ve learned a lot that month about language, live in another country, the way of living and much more. It all changed my way of seeing things and gave me room to grow and develop as human being and that might be a mayor plus of this month. To join this project is a wonderful chance, which very few people are able to participate in. I am already missing you and thank you again for everything. I wish you all the best and hope that we will meet again."

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