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Föreläsningar - EU kommissionen

Towards an open Socratic school
Proceedings of the Ampere Seminar, February 1997

Isaksson Tommy, Key-note-speaker, Paper for the presentation in the conference entitled:
"Teaching, Learning, Information: Towards an open Socratic School"
organised by the European Commission, DG XII and DG XIII. 24th and 25th February 1997 in Luxemburg.

Publicerat i en rapport med samma namn av European Commission 1998.
ISBN 92-828-2414-4


The new information technology lie at the heart of everyday life in our society. They have begun to transform the nature and content of work; they facilitate personal exchange and multiply information sources and training opportunities.

Education, whether institutional or otherwise, is benefiting from this revolution, discovering new resources for individual development. These tools makes it possible to support individually those wishing to acquire knowledge. They open up a possibility of a "Socratic school" for all, no longer reserved for the privileged few benefiting from an environment particularly conducive to their development.

Being responsible in the European Commission for industry, research, education and training respectively, we established as our main objective the development of an information society at the service of all citizens, without discrimination. The task force on educational software, which we organised jointly, has now produced an analysis of the situation with regard to educational multimedia, enabling us to put forward a Community action plan entitled " Learning in the information society".

This based on the principal that proper integration of these technologies into education can only be achieved through working on the quality of the products offered, developing equipment in our schools and encouraging more awareness among teachers of what these changes can offer, while offering them training in new teaching practices.

The proceeding of the seminar " Towards a Socratic school for all" form part of this process of raising awareness of this new state of affairs. They put forward specific pathways for developing teaching practices so that all, young people as well as teachers, may benefit from the opportunities offered.

This publications reflects the questions and proposals from 250 teachers and trainers who met in Luxembourg in February 1997 to try to pave the way for a successful integration of educational multimedia into their everyday work. We hope that for many others in the field of education it will be a source of inspiration, discussion and action in the service of education for young people.

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